Long Beach, CA

I started Kaia fit after years of not being able to successfully integrate regular exercise into my week. I am very new to the program, but it is set up to encourage new comers, not punish beginners who are re-entering the world of health and fitness. Coach Lisa is positive, energetic, encouraging, and really knows her stuff. After one class I knew that this–having a coach, having other people work out with me, keeping it to a tough but short hour work-out- was the way for me to get healthy again. Thank you!

Brenda Brennan
Long Beach, CA

Our #1 Kaia Games National Champion

When I found Lisa Mausia and Kaia FIT I was looking for a place to train since I had just signed up for the Tough Mudder Race. I was in good shape, but I knew I needed a place to go for some motivation and planned workouts to get me in great shape. Doing it on my own was not going to work. First, I was so excited to find a place that has 5AM classes! Kaia Fit was just opening in Long Beach and this was going to be their first class. What great timing! Then I met Lisa and knew this would be good. Every morning as I dragged myself in to class at 5AM, wiping my tired eyes, there she was with that great big smile and big laugh asking me if I was ready to have some fun! And then we had fun! Hard work and great workouts – but fun! Tough Mudder is in one week and I know I’m in the best shape of my life and ready to take it on. Thank you Lisa!

Sweeney Mae,
Long Beach, CA


I’ve been a Kaia girl for the past 2 months and although the exercise is motivating and challenging, what keeps me going is Koach Lisa. Her energy and her drive to get us to a healthier state is what keeps me waking up so darn early 3 days a week! :) On top of that, she does a great job keeping us accountable by emailing us our challenges and adding us to a private group where everyone gets to share their journals and great healthy recipes. I wish more people would stop making excuses and join us every morning because if their goal is to get fit, then Kaia FIT Long Beach is the way to go!

Shelly Sparks,
Long Beach, CA


When I first started Kaia FIT 4 mo. ago it had been over 20 yrs. since I had done any real exercise. I had actually never been a part of a group workout nor had I ever done yoga or pilates. Being a 41 yr. old mother of 4 & having my last child just 7 mo. ago, I never thought I would be back to the weight I was in my 20′s. Thanks to Kaia FIT I am now down to 124 lbs.! Koach Lisa is such a positive & uplifting person, she just makes working out so much fun. She is motivation for pushing myself just a little farther. It is so helpful how she thoroughly explains how to do each exercise so you are doing it right. Something I really love about Kaia FIT is there are 3 levels of exertion. When I first started I was at the balance level for everything. Now I can do some things at the strength level & even a few things at the Kaia level.

Jen Paull

Kaia FIT Fallbrook

Our #1 Kaia Kombat Girl has a few words to share…

It all began in January 2012, just 9 months ago. It was me, four other girls and one determined coach. This was the start of Kaia, Fallbrook and the start of my life changing adventure. I never imagined that one “exercise class” could bring me such joy, personal reflection, knowledge, determination, accomplishment, and friendships. Here is how the story goes. It was back in the fifth grade when a friend convinced me to try to high jump on the middle school track team. It then progressed to all sports in high school, a college scholarship (that lasted only one semester…that’s another story), 7 marathons and many more races than I can count along the way. So far this year, I have participated in two half-marathons and two 5K. For 29 additional years (I am 39) running and exercise has been a huge part of my life. I even went on to get my doctorate at USC in Physical Therapy (Go Trojans!!) and I am currently the Director of Rehab at Fallbrook Hospital.But, then life happened….marriage, work, home, 4 children and little time for myself. As all you mother’s know, I was focused on everyone and everything but myself. I always TRIED to work out, but something always came up. See more >

So I was cranky when I didn’t work out (ask my husband) and defeated when I did; frustrated that I wasn’t in shape, unable to reach any goals and guilty because I was taking time away from something or someone else. To make matters worse, when I gave birth to my youngest four years ago, I extruded a disc in my lumbar spine. I was dealing with chronic low back and leg pain every moment of my life for over two years straight; afraid to move and another excuse not to exercise.So then it happened, I met the most wonderful group of ladies and the most motivating & inspiring family (yes, you Warren family). I don’t have a huge story on the amount of weight I lost (only about 10 pounds since January). It is better than that!!! It is something that happened inside of me. I have the ability to stand tall due to strength and confidence even when life throws me curve balls. I have the ability to dig deep down inside when everyone or your mind and your body is telling you that you can’t. I have the ability to relieve my stress and pump those endophorins to change my outlook on life, easing that borderline depression. I have the ability to build not just friendships, but a bond between ladies that I barely even know. Having that feeling that you are never alone and knowing that if I needed something I know many would be there with open arms. Yes, I did change physically: I dropped two pants sizes, I go weeks now without back or leg pain (I won’t say that too loud), I am quite proud of my six-pack and many compliment me on my arms. I tell those who praise, “Anyone can do it, you just have to commit. Commit to getting up at 4:00 am (actually 4:15 after I hit the snooze a few times. I have it down to a science) for the 5:00 am workout, then shower at work to begin work at 6:45 and resist all those cupcakes and ice cream that the kids so love.That is my weakness…sweets… How I love my sweets! That is ANOTHER thing Kaia has taught me, I am a stress eater and I HAD a horrible diet. I used to work out so I could eat what I wanted; that stopped working when I was in my early thirties. My entire family has made the transition (though they won’t admit it). I can honestly add cooking as one of my new hobbies. I love all the great recipes. My two favorites are the Thai Noodles and Becca’s Broccoli Salad. I haven’t quite acquired a true taste for the Smoothie thing yet. I will blame it on the blender and the big green leafy things that stick to my teeth. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my sweets but it is all about balance.So enough blabbing….Kaia has brought me to a physical and mental level that I never thought possible. What are my goals……My lifelong dream was to coach track and I NEVER imagined I would be coaching a group of ladies to run their first 5K, ½ marathon or marathon!!! I am so excited to begin coaching the I Kan Run at the Fallbrook Kaia!! It has brought me such joy to see the physical and mental transformation thus far with our group and now to incorporate running, YEAH!!! Nikki and I have already set our running goals for the Carlsbad Marathon in January. Personally, I want to continue to be a role model to my children, especially my daughter, that they see how important diet and exercise is and most importantly for them to see a happy and confident MaMa and a great wife. I would also like to see what I have in me. I have already this year run the fastest mile of my life and improved my running form. I want to see what Jen Paull can do…..Thank you Kaia!!! I am addicted to Kaia and every day I tell ladies what they are missing!! Thank you to my husband and Kiddos; who listened to me curse when I couldn’t get the double unders and I actually broke my jump rope. Thank you Nikki for coming up with such an outstanding concept. I would never have believed that with one program could touch the lives of so many women at so many DIFFERENT levels. Thank you to all the Kaia Fallbrook coaches who with all the love in the world pushed us all to our limits. Thank you to the Kaia Fallbrook women who held me accountable to get up every morning, who motivated and encouraged me every day. Thank you to our fearless leader, Cynthia who has inspired every one of us to “be all that we can be” (isn’t that Army??). She has the internal strength, determination and a powerful energy that has touched us all!!! < See Less

Holly Lyon,
Winnemucca NW

Could you imagine an opportunity that would allow you to grow in ways you never thought possible and to take back your life?

Sometimes, there comes a day where you are tired of where you are at in life. Perhaps you are busy with small children running around and maybe you just survived a nasty divorce and you are trying to rebuild yourself. Perhaps you work full-time and you need an outlet for all of that stress and anxiety. Perhaps you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and said, “What happened to me?” and you realize you have to make a change. See more >

Could you imagine an opportunity that would allow you to grow in ways you never thought possible and to take back your life? Would you take that chance to make a change in your life? Would you want to build friendships with women who are all going through something and they want to be the best person they can be? Would you push yourself to the brink and then jump in order to find that woman that you know you are capable of becoming?I was there. I was broken, angry, disappointed and so far from the woman that I wanted to be and the woman that I knew I was capable of becoming. I have been dealing with a mid-life crisis in a sense at the age of 26. I left a career that I have spent years trying to build and I walked away from it because I was no longer happy and it was killing me. I have a mess of a divorce that is still not finished. I have two little boys that I am trying to be strong for during all of this and I lost my Momma two years ago to breast cancer at her tender age of 49. I was reeling with trying to find my once vivacious, outgoing, loving, strong and tough self that I had gone out into the world with eight years ago when I left Winnemucca.My prior work brought me back out here about eight months ago and I realized the sense of freedom I felt, the simple and quiet beauty of coming down Golconda Summit and looking down on that beautiful open space that spread for miles and miles and I rekindled friendships with people who I grew up with. I didn’t know how to find the peace and the happiness that I so desperately craved. I have built a relationship with God since my Momma passed and have worked very hard to maintain certain ways of living and have tried to be strong for my boys even when I didn’t feel strong at all.I was an athlete in high school and loved playing sports and especially loved my paintball club. I was accustomed to running all over and working hard and being able to do things for myself. I haven’t been able to do that for myself in years, it has merely been survival and trying to stay afloat instead of actually being able to maintain some sense of control and confidence in the life that I had. My family friend, Lori Timko, and I found each other in a moment that I will refer to as a “God moment” because there is really no explanation for me ending up on her doorstep. She invited me and practically dragged me to KAIA and there I found the other part of my transformation. I pushed myself to the brink and often almost to tears. I was so determined to find myself and gain the strength and confidence back that the divorce, the death of my Momma and so many other things had caused me to lose sight of. I would do double days and go workout and go for a hike or go for a walk and in that peace and quiet, I was able to reflect on what I needed in my life and what I wanted in order to move forward with my life. I admit, I finally cried on those hikes and those long walks while I sorted through my emotions and the pain of losing my Momma so young. I developed an even stronger bond with God in those countless hours of work to rebuild my life.I found new strength in the relationships I have built with my Koaches, with the new friendships I have formed, and with the new people I have met who, like me, want to take their lives back. I have gained physical strength that has turned into emotional strength and into a confidence that I haven’t had in years. I see a physical difference in the muscle tone in my body and the way it feels after I have pushed it to the brink and it dares me to push harder. I accept that challenge each and every day now. I realize now that God brought me home to find myself here in little old Winnemucca and it’s where I call home and where I am meant to be. Things are easier to handle because I have the support system of my KAIA family and people who have become closer to me than I have let anyone in years. I can handle things becoming chaotic because I have a confidence that indeed, things will be okay because God doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle.We had a wall sit competition at KAIA a few weeks ago and I didn’t believe I could go for more than a minute and next thing you know, I was at over seven minutes when my body was shaking so bad I couldn’t stop it and had to stand up. During that competition, I kept focusing on the journey and not on the pain, I kept telling myself, you can go a little further and kept pushing myself until one by one, women were standing up and I kept pushing until I had to give in when my muscles started locking up. I developed a mental toughness and strength to deal with so many issues I have had building up over the years and I talked through it with people now that I will have to off if we are ever not friends. Just kidding guys, really.This last few months and this Brik session has helped me find that woman that I always knew I was capable of becoming. It’s not the end result that matters, it is the journey to get there, the lessons you learn, the ways you change and the difference you seek to be in the world. My journey hasn’t ended yet because I will continually need to work on ways that I can be a better, kinder, stronger, woman, mother, sister, friend and partner. I have learned and grown so much and I wanted to show some appreciation for an amazing journey so far and thank an incredible woman, Lori Timko, that has helped me in ways that I can never repay her for.So many people give excuses about why their lives are the way they are, don’t you want to be different and seize the opportunity to take your life back? Do you want to prove to yourself that you are a FIGHTER and not a pansy? Do you want to gain mental, physical and emotional strength and perhaps learn more about yourself along the way? If so, you need to join myself and so many women who are on the KAIA journey, this isn’t some fad, you are making the choice to take your life back and building a foundation for a future that perhaps you have only dreamed of. < See Less

Paula Scott,
Carson NV

Check out my NEXT goal!

I know I tell you this all the time, however I need to share this with you. After reflecting from the Iron Girl, January will be my two year kaia anniversary. They say if you can commit for a year it’s a life style change. January 2011, I walked into kaia brik with “the next step”. Had no idea that would ever in my wildest dreams mean, “it’s never to late”. See more >

Then, at 38 years old a recently divorced after 20 years, would I look back and see what I have accomplished: Half marathon, several 10&5k’s, swim for an hour and then hit TRX or run 3 miles, double days, road bike, triathlons, smile 90% of the time, inspire others to do their best, lost 30t lbs, 3 sizes, over 25 inches, 15 points in body fat.. Life long sisters, healthy eating habits, feel strong mentally and physically and attract healthy people. Honestly kaia and you have changed my life, like they say ” I did not change, I just found myself”. I’m your motivational speaker anytime and your poster child that it’s never to late… < See Less

from Kaia F.I.T. Roseville

When I started Kaia last November, I had never run a mile before in my life. I couldn’t even run down to the end of the block w/o getting winded. In fact, I’ve hated running ever since P.E. in junior high. To me, all it meant was feeling embarrassed while I walked and the ‘runners’ circled the track in 6-7 minutes making it look so easy. I would try to run for just a little while, but would end up getting winded or feeling sick, so I would give up. See more >

At age 15, I started smoking so that was pretty much the end of any healthy aspirations for the next 15+ years. After finally kicking that habit, I tried various fitness regimens but never found anything that ‘stuck’…until I discovered Kaia. Six months and about a thousand squat thrusts, lunges, sit-ups and push-ups later, I completed my first 5k today (running the whole way…well, almost…except for that one tiny hill). Although I won’t say quite yet that I ‘love’ running (because it was hard!!), it has inspired me to continue on a healthier path and see what else I am capable of. I am so grateful for the love & support that I receive on a daily basis from my Kaia group (6pm Roseville – You Rock!!) and amazed by their physical/mental strength and beauty. I am awed by the constant encouragement and support from our truly dedicated team of coaches (YOU’RE AWESOME, VIKI!!) who motivates me every day even when I’m whining and don’t feel like doing 50 power jacks. Thank you Kaia!!< See Less

Megan and your Kaia family!

Thank you to our Kaia girl (5 a.m.), Kylen, for sharing this beautiful story!!

‘I am sure that my weight loss story reads like a lot of women. Simply put- I had been tired of being overweight for a long time. I would put my heart and soul into everything I tried for about two weeks. Then I would put the weight I lost back on, plus another twenty pounds. And that is how I got to be well over 200 pounds. One night I had enough. I was tired of living in my body, and honestly I wasn’t doing much living at all. Whether I wanted to admit it or not my weight was holding me back from a lot. I decided I wanted to be fit by my 25th birthday. That year, I worked hard with a trainer at a local gym. And I lost 50 pounds. But then summer rolled around, I sort of fell off the band wagon and before I knew it..I was fifteen pounds heavier. After all my hard work! I could not believe how easy it was to break the cycle I had put the better part of my year into. See more >

And thats when I finally decided to listen to my ‘crazy’ friend Leslie who kept going on and and on about this amazing Kaia bootcamp. I could not imagine waking up that early. I remember asking her about ten times if she REALLY woke up at 4 am. But I also saw the changes in Leslie. How happy she was, how toned she had become. She was a walking advertisement to join. So I finally did.Walking in that first morning I was completely surprised by how welcoming and lovely everyone was. I never felt judged. I felt constantly encouraged. I left that workout and knew I was addicted. I’ve done three FIT sessions now, and I did my first BRIK this winter and thats when I really started to see a difference. By the end of BRIK, I had lost about three inches EVERYWHERE, and a total of 18 pounds. I had been stuck forever at the same weight, totally in a plateau, and Kaia changed that for me.Kaia has changed EVERYTHING for me. I used to not look in the mirror- now I do. I used to tell myself I can’t- now I tell myself I can. I’ve done things I never thought I could, like participate in two 5ks, hold a Kaia level plank, and probably, most importantly, love myself. None of this would have really been possible without Kaia. Kaia changed the way I eat, changed the way I workout, and changed the way I saw myself. I’ve dropped about 70 pounds now, four pants sizes, and two shirt sizes. I can shop at regular department stores now. I haven’t been able to do that since I was in high school (trust me- that was a LONG time ago). In fact, I called my mom practically in tears last week from an H&M dressing room because things fit!In a few weeks time, I am leaving for Portalnd, Oregon to go to school. Something I probably never would have had the guts to do in my old body. It represents a huge step for me in my life- but I remember after joining Kaia I almost wish I had not applied at all, because I didn’t want to leave my newfound family, the women that gave me the chance to discover I could, and I can. I know with the tools Kaia has given me, I can keep myself in shape. I’m not scared. But I will miss waking up at the crack of dawn to hang out with a ton of beautiful women who can kick my ass- who wouldn’t miss that? Thank you so much to all my Kaia sisters. To really feel like a Kaia girl has been the best gift ever.’Kylen, you are truly an inspiration and you will be missed at Kaia! Good luck and come visit us!!!XOXO, < See Less

Katie Leao
Minden, NV

“How do I put into words the gratitude, love, and support I feel for the women and trainers in Kaia. If it wasn’t for this program I would still be sitting on the couch telling myself exactly what the doctors said: “Katie you will never be able to run, ski, hike, or bike ever again. Yet here I am just ran my first 10K and getting ready to train for a triathlon (take that)! 
I get up every morning at 4:30am whether I want to or not, look in the mirror and tell myself that I am strong, beautiful and Kan do anything if I put set my heart, mind, and body to it. 
This journey over the past 8 months has helped me not only overcome my fear of getting back in the saddle but helped me prove to myself that I Kan! It has been a long road to recovery for me over the past 3 years. See more >

Most people think that surgery is just a physical process but after 11 knee surgeries, almost losing my leg, not working, not being able to take care of myself and not being there to enjoy my son’s first 2 years was devastating. I struggled to survive, I was my own worst enemy, always harsh about how I looked and felt, never letting go and knowing that I could not change the past and had to look and move forward. When Kaia came along last October I knew I had to make a change, finally grasp hold of my life and go for it. What I didn’t know is that Kaia would provide is a change on the inside too, how I truly felt about myself, and it opened up a world of bottled up regrets, negativity and emotional baggage I have been carrying around with me for so long. More often than not I think I cry more on the Saturday morning runs than I ever have before in my life. It has been such a great way to release and let myself just be. In October 2009 I weighed in at 175lbs and a size 12. As of June 29th I now weigh in at 133lbs (size 4) and going strong, even my husband is jealous of my arms, back and butt! So with that said THANK YOU ladies for everything. Kaia is not only about fitness but lifelong friendships, and teammates working together for the same goal…to feel and be beautiful on the inside and out, no matter what your age, size, or situation. We are all in this together and I am grateful for every day I spend with all of you! We Kan be anything, do anything and are KAIA strong!” < See Less

Susan Lani
Carson City, NV

“Kaia F.I.T. has been a life changing program for me. In ten months I have seen huge benefits and results. I have more energy and more endurance. Kaia F.I.T. is addicting, in a good way. It has taught me to love myself where I am at and to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of doing and being. It has motivated me to be a healthy woman, to teach my family how to eat healthier, and to encourage and be encouraged by other women. See more >

Some of the physical results are: going from a size 12 to a size 8; loss of 14 pounds, from 152lbs. to 138lbs.; loss of 6% body fat, from 34% to 28%; Lowered cholesterol, total cholesterol down 51mg/dL (from 234mg/dL to 183mg/dL), triglycerides down 40 mg/dL (from 107mg/dL to 67mg/dL), HDL Cholesterol down 11mg/dL (from 85mg/dL to 74mg/dL), LDL Cholesterol down 32mg/dL (from 128mg/dL to 96mg/dL) all in the good/healthy range; Can run! And run a mile in 9:15 consistently (hated to run before); can do twenty four One-Foot Assist Pull-Ups in a minute; can do eight real Push-Ups in 20 seconds; have well rested sleep; eat much cleaner and greener! I still get soar, but I just remember my body is still getting stronger and how far I have come in these ten months. ” < See Less

LaDonne Erlach
Fallon, NV

“Feb. 17,2011 I made it though week 1, which can be considered “HELL WEEK” to us beginners. The past 2 months my weight has crept up to the 2nd highest its ever been since I recently became a stay @ home wife/mom. The highest being just a few more than now, but that was when I went into labor with my son.. 15 YEARS AGO! yesterday. I give credit to all Kaia Girls in my class & coaches Carry Thibaut, Robin Wood, and Jessie Eckert whose assisting. Without their encouragement & support I wouldn’t have made it this far. I’m not one who love exercise and never have. Once I felt the burn or the shortness of breath I would quit. I’m what you call “LAZY” when it comes to that. Not to mention my excessive weakness for food. Especially junk, I enjoy food too much. Im look forward to seeing a “NEW ME”. Thank you Kaia Girls, you are the BACK BONE I needed to start this change.”

Ashley Haynes

Okay, so I know I said I was anti-scale, but, CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT & THE CAT SOOOOO LIKED IT!! I got on the scale this morning, I have lost 10 lbs, 10!!!!!! I have beat my BRIK session goals. BEAT THEM!!! (I know it probably sounds like there is an echo in this email, but I just cant help myself! See more >

So, time to reset the goals as I am now officially 3 lbs from where I was pre-2 child. Only 15 more to go and I will be where I was in college. So, 18 more is the target over the balance of BRIK & the next session! Nikki I am beyond thrilled. I am ecstatic!!!On a personal note, I cannot tell you what an inspiration working out with all of you is! When I first joined Kaia I couldn’t run a full mile, then I could and man, it wasnt pretty. I ran 6 miles in one jaunt this past weekend! That isnt something I could have done a year ago! Dare I say the run was easy?!? I am targeting my first half marathon this summer.I adore Kaia, I love the sense of purpose it gives me, I love all the ladies thank you, thank you, thank you for your vision and your purpose in bringing us all together.Today, in my list of things I am grateful for you & Kaia are on the list! < See Less

Larisa B.

“Wow! What an honor to be the first featured girl for Kaia Carmichael! Finding Kaia has been an incredible blessing for me”

As professional musician since the age of 14, and especially as a female, image has (unfortunately) always been a big part of my career. Through the years I’ve managed to stay fairly fit and healthy. I’ve been a healthy-eating vegetarian-sometimes vegan since 1996, and have usually been pretty good about getting moderate exercise. I really never worried too much about how I looked on stage, in photos, or on video, because overall I thought I was doing pretty well. But, sometimes things happen that you can’t control. In 2000 and 2006, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. Ugh. I had two surgeries in six years, and then was diagnosed yet again in 2008. But then something amazing happened after my 3rd diagnosis: I got pregnant! My daughter was born in the summer of 2009.

We’d been living in midtown for 13 years, so for the first year and a half of my daughter’s life, I was able to walk everywhere with her and the baby weight fell off pretty quickly. But my husband and I soon realized that our tiny midtown duplex was just not cutting it for our growing kiddo and our needs were changing, so we moved to the Arden area in 2011. And then the fibroids came back full force. See more >

I began to feel incredibly lethargic and bloated. I wasn’t walking as much as I was before, and was instead spending lots of time with my daughter at our new home coloring, baking cookies, and driving (not walking) to the park. In my day job, I’m a vocal coach, so I spend up to six hours straight sitting at a piano. I love my little family and our new home, and I am so lucky that I get to do what I love for a living, but physically, I was feeling awful, and the prospect of another surgery was not appealing to me AT ALL. I did some research about treating fibroids with diet and exercise and vowed to try something new. I saw myself in photos on stage and was shocked. My skin looked pale, I looked tired, and there was no way to hide the fact that I was at my heaviest. My friend Rachel Minnick (who’s also the mom of one of my awesome vocal students), started posting all of these crazy things on Facebook about burpees and pull-ups and some strange place called Kaia. And she was looking amazing! I wanted IN!But, with my husband’s work schedule, my work schedule, our show schedules (hubby is a musician too) etc., there was no way I could do the Sac classes on a regular basis. Then I saw a FB post about a new Kaia Carmichael location opening and almost cried. Five minutes from my house? I KNEW this was going to be the thing for me.I’m a rock musician. I don’t do mornings. But, I attended all but one of the three free Carmichael intro classes at 6am and was hooked. I signed up right away and haven’t missed a class this entire CORE session! I even attended two Power Hours at the Sac gym (which is beautiful by the way). Streamlining my diet has been pretty easy for me because of my veggie/vegan background, so my challenges have been the workouts. Whoa. I was so sore that first day that I couldn’t sit down to use the bathroom. But coaches Kori and Casie are SO motivating and upbeat and inspirational—they make me feel like I can do anything! So even though burpees are really hard for me and I’m not a fast runner, I can do a wall walk! The first time I saw Kori do it I thought, “What the HELL?!!?” But now, it’s my daily challenge, and I can almost get my nose on the wall. I’ll even do it in my vocal lesson room in between students (which can be interesting while wearing a skirt, but luckily I have a lock on my door). I can also jump rope like a madwoman! Who knew I could do this stuff? Yay!I have no idea how much I weigh, or many inches I’ve lost, but I can tell you that I FEEL AMAZING. My clothes fit better, I sleep better, I have more energy for my family and my music, and I’m stronger than I was five weeks ago. I have to thank my husband Willy and my daughter Laynie for being so supportive of this new adventure of mine. And, thank you thank you thank you Kori, Casie, and all of my Kaia sisters for making such a huge difference in the life of this musician/mama! I’m not stopping now! ROCK ON!” < See Less

Mary Thompson,
Minden NV

Carole Allen,
Minden NV